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Professional Services

Through our consultant surveyors and professionals, Robert Graham Commercial can also provide the following range of services.

Rent Review

Whether acting for tenant or landlord we subscribe to the latest on-line data compiling companies so we have access to market comparables.  As well as this we will accurately measure the property and carry out our own research to determine the true rental value on review date. Taking into consideration the rent review clause in the lease we will negotiate the best possible new level of rent on your behalf.

Formal Valuation

Our consultant surveyors can provide a formal valuation for such matters as refinancing, probate or SIPP’s (Self Invested Pension Plans) from single properties to portfolios. We have the latest market data to hand in order to compile the reports in accordance with RICS Code of Practices.

Building Survey Report

For most purchasing a property will be the single biggest financial commitment ever undertaken. Therefore it is advisable to be fully informed about the condition of the building that you are buying. A Building Survey Report or Structural Survey is an exercise undertaken to look deep into the structure and flag up any structural problems that may cause considerable immediate or future expense.

Lease Renewal

Because we have a strong commercial agency department this gives us a solid foundation to act on any lease renewal negotiation. We have an up to date knowledge on market values and also have many years experience in negotiating leases acting for both landlord and tenant.

Schedule of Dilapidation

When tenant and landlord come to the end of their lease it is common that difficulties arise in the Dilapidations and covenants that both parties should adhere to tend to become contentious that could become time consuming and expensive. Our surveyors can act as the broker between both parties and produce a formal Schedule of Dilapidations in accordance with the terms of the lease. From the landlord and tenant point of view this will make the whole handover process run more smoothly.

Photographic Schedule of Condition

When negotiating a Full Repairing and Insuring Lease it is common that to make the Repairs Clause as transparent as possible that a Photographic Schedule of Condition is produced and attached to the lease so at the end of the term it would be clear what the tenant obligation are on repairs. We are able to produce these on the request of the client and their solicitor.

Energy Performance Certificates

It is now a legal requirement to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) attached to the marketing particulars of a property on the open market, whether it is a single suite within a large office building or a shop with upper parts. The Energy Performance Certificate outlines the energy efficiency rating of the property. The higher the rating the more energy efficient the property is and the lower the associated fuel bills will be. The energy performance certificate further details an environmental impact rating, which is a measure of a properties impact on the environment in terms of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The higher the rating the less the impact it has on the environment. Via our EPC Surveyors we can provide you with a quote to produce a report.

Planning & Architecture

Before marketing it is necessary to take into consideration a commercial properties current use and whether it is still fit for purpose. We can advise you on planning and through our Planning Consultant we can implement a Planning Application to help achieve a successful planning consent. We also have many years’ experience in identifying and brokering development transactions which has led to established relationships with architectural practices each having their own strength on area, user (eg. commercial, residential, private or public) and design.

Asbestos Survey

Asbestos is a material that was widely used in building construction throughout the Post War decades of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Recent legislation to control future asbestos related health problems has been put in place, so that any non-domestic property legal transaction there is the onerous towards the parties (landlord and tenant) responsible to consider the question of potential asbestos in the subject property. Case law has shown that employers and companies have been sued for negligence for asbestos related diseases and if no company asbestos policy to prevent exposure to asbestos had been put in place this could lead to very large fines or even imprisonment. Through our associated contractors, we can arrange for asbestos surveys to be carried out.

Fire Risk Assessment

On occasions it may be requested by the tenant legal representatives for the landlord to provide a Fire Risk Assessment. Through our consultant we are able to organise for a report to be carried out.